Wireless Remote Control Upgrade - V7.0 Machines

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Add a Wireless Remote kit and operate the machine from up to 2,000 feet away! A special high-power remote is used to allow you to operate the machine from pretty much anywhere on your property, even right from your living room. For example, if you’re having a BBQ you can tap the button and run an extra mosquito treatment to be sure your BBQ is not spoiled by pesky bugs!

It installs in less than 10 minutes and all required parts are supplied with the kit.
Note: This remote is designed to operate an extra pesticide treatment, it does not control other functions like applying fertilizer.

Suitable for use with all V 7.0 Sprinkler Magician machines (except for commercial models)
Activates an immediate pest control treatment cycle when pressed
Exceptionally Long Range – up to 2,000 feet

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