• Back in 2011, it all started with a problem, namely mosquitos! There was nothing effective on the market that wasn’t toxic. With a young family, CEO Peter Olt wanted a non-toxic way to get rid of mosquitos and all the other pesky insects that ruled his backyard. He realized that using the existing sprinkler system to automatically apply a natural pesticide would be an ideal solution.

    It had been done before but never properly, existing products were unreliable, wasteful and manually operated. Not a very practical solution overall.

    So, in early 2012 Peter designed, built, and patented the first intelligent and fully automatic sprinkler-based system. It is called Mosquito Magician. To go with that, he next developed the award-winning line of Mosquito Magician concentrates.

    The difference between this and other so-called natural products was that it had to work as well or better than toxic alternatives. Much independent laboratory testing was done on thousands of mosquitos to keep improving the results. All the while focusing on 6 essential oils that are 100% pure and natural.

    These 2 products formed the foundation of the company. While remaining true to the founding vision we continue to improve them and add new models.


The Mosquito Magician machine has now been expanded from just a pest control system into a whole property management system. It now can apply to virtually any/all consumable products lawn and landscaped areas may need to be healthy, thriving, and pest-free. It can also apply treatments for all sorts of soil issues automatically.

No other system allows such control and versatility and is programmed to deliver exact amounts of concentrates to specific areas. You control mixture rates, timing of application and frequency, and which zones get specific treatments all at the touch of a button.

The Mosquito Magician concentrate has grown into a full line of class-leading and award-winning products of concentrates as well as application equipment.


US Utility Patent # 8,434,697 was granted on 5/07/2013. This patent centers on the ability to automatically interface and control residential and commercial irrigation systems for the purposes of injecting pest control, fertilizer and various other product products into residential and commercial properties.


Peter is an electrical engineer and has run his own company for over 30 years, both in New Zealand and the U.S. He is the inventor, CEO, and sole owner of the company. Peter brings 35 years of experience in the product design and electrical engineering industries.


Mosquito Magician’s purpose is to help homeowners combat the mosquito problem that is rapidly increasing in all corners of the globe. We are committed to responding to this challenge in a way that is as natural as possible while remaining effective and safe. We won’t settle for a mediocre product that doesn’t handle the mosquito problem. We have families too and love the ability to be able to enjoy our backyards, free of mosquitos. We hope you’ll join us on this journey!

Over 4,000 5-Star Reviews

“Georgetown County is trying out new methods of mosquito elimination that are so far proving to be more effective. Even better, these new methods are also better for the environment. We’ve ditched the old chemicals we once sprayed up and down the county’s roads and replaced them with a new organic product that is advertised to be safe for wildlife, pollinators and people. It uses natural ingredients including lemongrass, cedarwood, garlic and rosemary.“

SC County

“It turns our backyard from a mosquito war zone to a mosquito-free zone!”


“I am quite allergic to mosquitoes and also to chemicals! This product was amazing! I have not had any mosquitoes in my garden and the product is very soft and gentle on me!”

Natasha G.

“I used to be dinner for mosquitoes...I can sit out on my patio now”

Denise S.

"Our outdoor space is SO much more enjoyable...this has been a godsend!”


“Truly works! When going in our backyard we’d get attacked by about 5 mosquitoes per person. With one spray they almost all disappeared.”


“We live on the east coast of the US. This stuff worked for mosquitoes after the first use. We were shocked! We usually have them bad! We are in a rural setting and have a pond close by.”


“I had a big garden party coming up and my yard is mosquito heaven. They would have ruined the party. After using MM concentrate, we had no mosquito problems and it was great for more than a week. It even worked in the rain! I am buying a gallon size this year.” 

Anita P.