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How long does it last?

Every property is different, depending on geographical location, weather conditions, climate and how bad your mosquito problem is. We recommend testing it out on your specific property to see what works best for you and how often you’d like to apply the product. Most customers treat once a week or once every 2 weeks if there are fewer mosquitos.

Does this work after the rain?

Yes, Mosquito Magician will still be effective after a rainy day, but we suggest re-applying more often in rainy areas to ensure the best results.

I have an outdoor party coming up, how soon before the party should I apply Mosquito Magician?

We recommend spraying Mosquito Magician four hours before your party. Have fun and enjoy your mosquito-free party!

What does it smell like?

Mosquito Magician has an enjoyable smell. Because it’s made with real essential oils, some of our customers have said it smells like Italian dressing.

What’s the difference between the concentrate and the ready-to-use repellent?

Mosquito Magician concentrate is our most potent concentrate, requiring you to mix it with water to create your desired solution. Ready-to-use repellent is, you guessed it, ready-to-use – no mixing required.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! We’re so confident you’ll love your pest-free property, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee.

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