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Reservoir Float Switch

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• Suitable for use with all Sprinkler Magician machines
Directly replaces the original Float Switch and electrical cable
Installs in 10 minutes

Backed by laboratory testing, this concentrate utilizes a powerful blend of essential oils to kill sprayed mosquitoes, fleas, and fire ants within 24 hours. Breathe easy and enjoy your outdoor space without pesky bites, thanks to this mosquito killer solution. (Lab test reports are available upon request)


Specifically designed for yards of any size! Our formulas provide effective coverage, treating from 4,000 square feet up to 128,000 square feet depending on the product size. This extensive reach ensures your entire yard is protected from mosquitoes, fleas, and fire ants.


Formulated to include six natural essential oils, our concentrate effectively kills mosquitoes and creates a defensive barrier for your yard. It's particularly suited for protecting yards, lawns, patios, and other outdoor spaces, ensuring effective and consistent mosquito management.


Safe for use around people and pets when used as directed, enhancing your peace of mind while keeping your space defended against mosquitoes. With Mosquito Magician, maintain a mosquito-free yard without undue risk.


We know you will absolutely love this product, and we aim to provide the best satisfaction guarantee with our Manufacturer's Warranty and USA-based customer service team. You cannot go wrong with Mosquito Magician.

Reservoir Float Switch

Get Rid of Mosquitoes For Good

  • Effective

    Lab tested and proven 100% kill rate within 24 hour of spraying

  • Safe for All*

    No harm to the pets or people when used as directed

  • Spray on Plants

    Spray around your yard, garden and patio to maximum effectiveness

  • 6 Natural Active Ingredients

    Essential oil based, effective product for mosquito and pest control