Mosquito Magician Residential Automated System


Your home is your castle so make sure your family, and pets can enjoy it without getting eaten up by Mosquitos or other nasty insects.

The new Residential System automatically treats your whole yard with all-natural Mosquito Magician concentrate using your existing sprinkler system.

The Sprinkler Magician Residential System is a new concept in complete yard maintenance that works through your existing irrigation (sprinkler) system. It automatically dispenses our natural and environmentally Mosquito Magician concentrate to all areas of your property at regular intervals.

This system installs below ground level without any external wires or pipes, and can usually be fitted in just a couple of hours. It uses our all-natural Mosquito Magician concentrate which has a laboratory-tested 100% kill rate on mosquitoes and is also highly effective on fleas, ticks, and fire ants.

The best part is you can control the system right from your smartphone!

  • Treats your entire property automatically in just minutes
  • Laboratory proven to kill at least 98% of mosquitoes, fleas, and fire ants & then repel new ones
  • 100% Natural & Safe for families, pets, and the environment
  • No more having toxic pesticides sprayed around where your family and pets play.
  • Control the Residential System right from your smartphone!
  • Easy quick installation in 1 – 2 hours without any external wires or pipes to run or connect. All parts needed come with the kit

Start enjoying your outdoors today, free of mosquitoes and many other biting pests!

What's in the box?

1 x Tank Assembly

1 x Flow Control Valve

1 x Metering Valve

1 x Bluetooth Smart Valve Assembly

1 x Gallon of Mosquito Magician Concentrate



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