Mosquito Magician Hose Injection System + 1 Gallon Concentrate


Suits Small to Medium Size Yard 

Are you tired of being chased inside by pesky mosquitoes and your kids coming in covered in bug bites?

Want a safe and natural way to drive mosquitoes and other pests out so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces?

SUPER CONVENIENT – this is the perfect way to treat smaller to mid-size properties for mosquitos. You get a quality Injection system that works right through your existing garden hose! Plus, the combo includes 1 gallon of Mosquito Magician concentrate. Each gallon will treat up to 128,000 square feet. Note: we have other larger sprayers suitable for very large properties.


1 x Complete Hose Injection System that fits straight onto your outdoor faucet

1 x Gallon Mosquito Magician Concentrate that treats up to 128,000 sq feet

1 x Instruction Sheet



Mosquito Magician Concentrate is made with natural ingredients. It’s a true concentrate with a proprietary formula of 6 different active ingredients – all of them are essential oils like Cedar, Citronella, Lemon Grass, Garlic, Geraniol & Rosemary. It is completely non-toxic and safe for kids, pets, and the environment. Mosquito Magician is independently laboratory tested and proven to kill 100% of mosquitoes. It also then REPELS them for up to 2 weeks. It is effective on fleas, ticks, fire ants, and at least a dozen other targeted pests.



Apply to your plants, grass, and exterior walls. This sprayer delivers a lot of product quickly so be careful to only apply enough to just wet the areas being treated. Do not over-apply. The supplied 1 Gallon is enough to fill the sprayer and treats up to 128,000 sq. feet, or a small property up to 20 times. Note: you can easily turn off the flow of concentrate, and so the garden hose can then be used for regular watering without having to disconnect this system.

It’s so easy to use that you will love giving a quick spray if you are outdoors and the bugs are about.

  • EASY - this is the simplest way to treat your yard for Mosquitos! Simply connect to your hose and then spray your yard using your regular handheld spray. You can easily shut it off and use your hose for straight watering too!
  • RECLAIM YOUR YARD - use outdoors around your home, garden, patio or pool creating a bug-free bubble that lasts 1-2 weeks. Includes inline injection system and 1 gallon of Mosquito Magician concentrate.
  • LABORATORY PROVEN to KILL at least 99% of mosquitoes. It also then REPELS them for up to 2 weeks and is effective on Fleas Ticks Fire Ants and many other biting pests
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS – uses a non-toxic blend of 6 essential oils including Citronella Oil Garlic Oil Rosemary Oil Lemongrass Oil Cedarwood oil Geraniol. These have been used individually but now Mosquito Magician combines them into a potent and proven blend. DEET and PYRETHRIN FREE - safe for kids, pets, and the environment, while protecting your family from nasty and disease-carrying mosquitoes
  • FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - we know you will absolutely love this product, and we provide a complete satisfaction guarantee. You cannot go wrong with Mosquito Magician.



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