Automated Mosquito Killer Machine & 3 gallons of concentrate


Our best selling Automated Mosquito Magician Machine paired with 3 gallons of Mosquito Magician Concentrate is all you need to take your yard back from those pesky mosquitoes!

We have created this bundle for you at a special price and, of course, no shipping!

Easy to Install
Can be installed into any new or existing sprinkler system by an irrigation company or a competent handyman in a few hours
More Information
* Premium Stainless Steel Cabinet model. Perfect for tough environments.
* Digital control panel with super easy menus
* Machine works with up to 12 sprinkler zones. Larger capacity machines are available by request
* Zero Maintenance
Built to last and proudly made in the USA, full 1-year manufacturer's warranty
* Comes with all parts needed for most installations
INCLUDES 3 gallons of potent Mosquito Magician concentrate with 6 active ingredients
* Treats the entire yard at periodic intervals that are easily adjustable
* Cycles through each irrigation zone injecting the precise amount of concentrate with the water, without over-diluting or wastage
* Runs the zone for the exact time needed to purge the lines and deliver all the concentrate so none is wasted
* Easy to operate - just fill the reservoir and select the frequency of application
* Run an additional treatment at any time with the touch of a button – say if you are having a BBQ or outside party. You can even do this from inside your home using the optional wireless remote.
* Machine will warn you when the Mosquito Magician Concentrate runs low.
* 100% Automatic—set it & enjoy!
* 100% Safe & Natural—pet & kid-friendly
* Adheres to plants for a longer killing and repelling action, making it the ideal mosquito killing and repelling machine
* This same machine is used in many Caribbean Resorts and Hotels
* Competitively priced against mosquito misting systems – usually under half the cost!
* Handles Mosquitos, Fleas, Fire Ants, and Ticks through the whole yard including grassy areas
* 5 Gallon reservoir lasts months, just fill the reservoir and let it run

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