Automated Mosquito Killing and Fertilizing Machine - Stainless Steel


Whole Property Mosquito Control and Fertilizing — A Breakthrough!

Imagine a system that not only kills all the nasty biting bugs but also fertilizes your entire property!

The Dual Reservoir Mosquito Magician machine turns your existing sprinkler system into a whole property yard management system that kills and repels mosquitoes and many other nasty bugs, as well as keeping all your plants green and healthy by automatically fertilizing.

Plus, it does all this automatically and can to be set to treat for pests and apply fertilizer in the exact quantities needed for your property.

  • NATURAL, AUTOMATIC MOSQUITO CONTROL – the patented Sprinkler Magician system uses your existing sprinklers to automatically apply an effective natural treatment to all lawns and gardens that eliminates mosquitos and many other pesky insects. This is a Combo offer that gets you the machine and 3 gallons of Mosquito Magician concentrate.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – the recommended Mosquito Magician concentrate uses a non-toxic blend of 6 essential oils including Citronella Oil, Garlic Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Cedarwood oil & Geraniol. These have been used individually for thousands of years, but now Mosquito Magician combines them into a potent and proven blend. DEET and PYRETHRIN FREE - safe for kids, pets, and especially the environment.
  • LABORATORY PROVEN - to KILL at least 98% of mosquitoes using our potent Mosquito Magician concentrate. It also then REPELS them for up to 2 weeks. Also effective on Fleas Ticks Fire Ants and many other biting pests, but is safe for Kids & Pets, and the environment.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - can be installed into any new or existing sprinkler system by an irrigation company or a competent handyman in a few hours.
  • PATENTED AND RELIABLE - best-in-class American made product with 1,000's of systems in constant use in the US and Caribbean. Plus, we supply excellent US based phone support should you ever need any help. With a full 1-year manufacturer's warranty, you cannot go wrong with Sprinkler Magician.

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Van K.

Large lot - this sprinkler system handled it

We have a one-third acre lot in West Palm Beach that is heavily landscaped with shrubs, flowers and trees. As a result of all of our foliage we were overrun with mosquitos. We entertain a lot in our backyard and we tried everything to keep the mosquitos down, but they constantly attacked us and our guests. We used sprays, torches and candles and we still had problems with them swarming inside our screened porch and even getting inside our home. We had your company install a mosquito machine almost one year ago and within two weeks, we, friends and neighbors noticed our mosquitos were gone! We no longer have a mosquito problem and we can enjoy our backyard all the time. The embarrassing thing is that when you visit our neighbors yards, they have terrible mosquito problems since we have run them off from our yard! You offer a great product that works and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Dr. David Minkof

I'm finally not getting bit!

For once in my life, Im not getting bit. I can sit outside by the pool, grill or just sit in the sun, and the mosquitoes arent there! I am happy. There are no mosquitoes in my yard or my house. I also like the fact that the ingredients are organic and all natural because I care about health. I have five grandkids that can finally play in my yard mosquito-free and poison-free.

Bill B.

It really works!

The first thing that attracted me to Sprinkler Magician was we were actually able to use our backyard and our swimming pool without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. The Mosquito Magician concentrate gets in where the mosquitoes live and sets up a barrier that they just wont get through!