Essential Oils

Safe For
Kids & Pets*

6 Natural Active

On Plants

Mosquitoes Can Run, But They Can’t Hide

With every spray, Mosquito Magician kills 100% of mosquitoes within 24 hours, no matter the size of your property.

Transform Any Property
into a Mosquito-Free Zone

Tailor your mosquito defense! Browse our selection of application types to find the perfect fit for your needs! Whether you need a quick spray for a backyard barbecue or a season-long solution for your entire property, we've got you covered.

Busy People

Portable & Cordless Application

Large Properties

Automated Sprinkler Systems

Mosquito Magician Ready to Use Mosquito Killer & Repellent Hose Sprayer

The easiest and quickest way to apply Mosquito Magician and enjoy a mosquito-free property. No mixing needed, simply attach a hose to the ready-to-use container and start spraying in minutes!

Best for: Small to Medium Size Yard


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Family-Friendly Mosquito Protection Powered by Essential Oils

Most mosquito pesticides, foggers, and backyard treatments are chock full of chemicals like pyrethrins, permethrin, and DEET. Unlike these alternatives, Mosquito Magician has been formulated with your family's well-being as the top priority. Trusted by thousands of families who refuse to compromise on safety, Mosquito Magician concentrate is a powerful blend that includes 6 pure essential oil active ingredients that ensure your outdoor spaces remain mosquito-free. Because it includes 6 natural active ingredients, Mosquito Magician is perfectly safe for you, your kids, and your pets when used as directed.


Are you smell sensitive? Check out our new formula option where we replaced garlic with MINT. Same quality. Same results. New smell.

How Does Mosquito Magician Work?

Mosquito Magician concentrate kills mosquitoes by coating them in natural oils, clogging up their airway tubes, and suffocating them.

Kills Mosquitoes at the Source

Mosquito Magician goes after larvae in much the same way in standing water, killing them on contact before they even have a chance.

Proven Effective on Mosquitoes & More

Not only does Mosquito Magician instantly start killing mosquitoes, but it’s also proven effective on fleas and fire ants.

Made For the Outdoors

Mosquito Magician is NOT meant for topical application or indoor use. Unlike bug spray or citronella candles, Mosquito Magician is designed to fix the root of the mosquito problem.

Simply Spray Your Trees, Bushes & Grass

Mosquitos love shaded, damp areas. Spray Mosquito Magician in these areas on your property for an effective mosquito solution.

Safe on Paths & Hardscape

Mosquito Magician won’t stain pavers or hardscapes. There is no slip hazard once it is dry.

100% Kill Rate Against Mosquitoes, Fleas, & Fire Ants Within 24 Hours

Mosquito Magician really works. But instead of just telling you – we can prove it to you. We sent our concentrate formula to a specialized laboratory in Georgia, where experts rigorously tested our product on real mosquitoes and other pests like fleas and fire ants. This step ensures that our claims are not just words, but are backed by solid, scientific evidence.

Discover Evidence-Backed Mosquito Protection

We’ve Helped Thousands of Families Take Back Their Yards & Get Rid Of Mosquitoes For Good

2500+ Five
Star Reviews

Hundreds of Applicators Have
Built Pest Control Businesses
Powered by Mosquito Magician

U.S. Counties Rely on
Mosquito Magician

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Georgetown County is trying out new methods of mosquito elimination that are so far proving to be more effective. Even better, these new methods are also better for the environment. We’ve ditched the old chemicals we once sprayed up and down the county’s roads and replaced them with a new organic product that is advertised to be safe for wildlife, pollinators and people. It uses natural ingredients including lemongrass, cedarwood, garlic and rosemary.“

SC County

“It turns our backyard from a mosquito war zone to a mosquito-free zone!”


“I am quite allergic to mosquitoes and also to chemicals! This product was amazing! I have not had any mosquitoes in my garden and the product is very soft and gentle on me!”

Natasha G.

“I used to be dinner for mosquitoes...I can sit out on my patio now”

Denise S.

"Our outdoor space is SO much more enjoyable...this has been a godsend!”


“Truly works! When going in our backyard we’d get attacked by about 5 mosquitoes per person. With one spray they almost all disappeared.”


“We live on the east coast of the US. This stuff worked for mosquitoes after the first use. We were shocked! We usually have them bad! We are in a rural setting and have a pond close by.”


“I had a big garden party coming up and my yard is mosquito heaven. They would have ruined the party. After using MM concentrate, we had no mosquito problems and it was great for more than a week. It even worked in the rain! I am buying a gallon size this year.” 

Anita P.

Our Story

You know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention. But as a mosquito magnet living in Florida, getting rid of my mosquito problem was more than a necessity, it was an obsession. As a father with a young family, I didn’t want to blast my yard with chemicals found in traditional pesticides, potentially risking my family’s health and safety. So, I set out to create Mosquito Magician concentrate, a family-friendly alternative made with essential oils.

Since then, we’ve helped tens of thousands of households, commercial properties, and even U.S. counties get rid of mosquitoes safely.

- Peter Olt, Founder and CEO of Mosquito Magician

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How long does it last?

Every property is different, depending on geographical location, weather conditions, climate and how bad your mosquito problem is. We recommend testing it out on your specific property to see what works best for you and how often you'd like to apply the product. Most customers treat once a week or once every 2 weeks if there are fewer mosquitos.

Does this work after the rain?

Yes, Mosquito Magician will still be effective after a rainy day, but we suggest re-applying more often in rainy areas to ensure the best results.

I have an outdoor party coming up, how soon before the party should I apply Mosquito Magician?

We recommend spraying Mosquito Magician four to six hours before your party. Have fun and enjoy your mosquito-free party!

What does it smell like?

Mosquito Magician has an enjoyable smell. Because it’s made with real essential oils, some of our customers have said it smells like Italian dressing.

What’s the difference between the concentrate and the ready-to-use repellent?

Mosquito Magician concentrate is our most potent concentrate, requiring you to mix it with water to create your desired solution. Ready-to-use repellent is, you guessed it, ready-to-use – no mixing required.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! We’re so confident you’ll love your mosquito-free property, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee.