WebConnect Upgrade


You can now program and control our machines easily from your phone! You can view and change all parameters including treatment days and times. You will also be alerted of low levels of concentrate in either of the reservoirs. You can also control the new watering function if you have that enabled.

This web connection upgrade is now available as an option for all models of our new machines. It is a long-range system that does not rely on Wi-Fi for its connection from the Sprinkler Magician system to your Router. The reason is that the Sprinkler Magician machine is often mounted outside, far from the Wi-Fi router. To avoid Wi-Fi connection issues, we use a long-range industrial wireless protocol to link the machine to a small hub that plugs into your router. You then connect with your phone using your existing Wi-Fi anywhere within your Wi-Fi system.

Note: this system will only allow you to connect to your Sprinkler Magician machine while you are within your Wi-Fi range, so it will not work if you are at a different location.

This provides for an ultra reliable web connection, in fact the machine can be 1,000 feet or more from your router, 10 times further than even the best Wi-Fi technology.

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