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Hand Held Battery Sprayer with 1 Pint Natural Mosquito Killer & Repellent Concentrate Combo

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The mosquito killer spray concentrate called Mosquito Magician is available with a reusable handheld battery sprayer. This portable mosquito killer comes with 1 pint of concentrate that will refill the 1/2-gallon reservoir 8 times when diluted with water!

Battery Operated Mosquito Killer

This easy to use sprayer is perfect for treating small to medium sized yards, patios & lanais quickly and conveniently. It is also great for those on the go who want to kill mosquitos wherever they are outdoors. Take it on picnics, BBQ’s at the lake, kid’s games, camping trips, etc. This will last you weeks or even months and you can easily reorder any of the three convenient concentrate sizes (pints, quarts, or gallons) depending on your needs.

It's the Best Mosquito Repellent Device

It so easy to use that you will love giving a quick spray if you are outdoors and the bugs are about.
  • No pumping - powerful battery operated portable mosquito repellent machine makes treating your yard easy and even fun
  • Laboratory tested and proven extremely effective at both killing and repelling mosquitoes
  • Supplied Pint of Mosquito Magician treats up to 16,000 square feet
  • Easily adjustable spray pattern
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Take it with you on any outdoor trips
  • Powerful, natural Mosquito Magician concentrate included. Refills available
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Can be applied outdoors around your home, lawn, garden, patio, or pool
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, EFFECTIVE insect control
  • Eliminates Mosquitoes and many other pests, such as Fleas, Ticks and Fire Ants using 100% natural plant oils
  • A much safer alternative to Deet, Pyrethrins, Permethrins, etc.
  • Non-toxic, safe for kids, pets, adults, and even Koi Fish
  • Safe for the Environment
  • Creates a bubble of protection that repels mosquitos from your property (or area of spray) lasting up to 2 weeks depending on weather conditions
  • Suffocates mosquito larvae in standing water
  • Potent and precision blend of 6 essential oils that have each been used individually for thousands of years with good results
  • Built to last and proudly made in the USA