Natural Mosquito Killer and Insect Repellent Kit


Are you tired of being chased inside by pesky mosquitoes?

Tired of your kids coming in covered in bug bites?

Want a safe and natural way to drive mosquitoes and other pests out so you can enjoy your outdoor space?

HOW TO GET RID OF MOSQUITOES - finally a kit that has everything you need to get rid of mosquitos from your whole property.

2 x Pints of Mosquito Magician Concentrate,
1 x Hose End Sprayer,
10 x Mosquito Dunks,
and our Awesome New Instruction Book that teaches you exactly how to kill mosquitos and many other pesky bugs.

Book Contents:
Interesting and Weird Facts about Mosquitoes.
Preparing your Property for Optimal Mosquito Control.
How to Effectively Kill and Control Mosquitoes
Extra Tips to get the Best Results


  • FULL MANUAL INCLUDED - comes with our awesome new book that teaches you exactly how to kill mosquitos and many other pesky bugs. It walks you through all the preventative things to do and explains exactly how to eliminate them from your property!
  • LABORATORY TESTED and PROVEN to KILL 100% of mosquitoes, fleas and fire ants. Creates a Mosquito Barrier that REPELS for 1 to 2 weeks. It is also effective on other biting insects like No-see-ums, Fleas, Ticks and Fire Ants
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - our non-toxic blend of 6 Essential Oils includes Geraniol, Citronella, Garlic Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lemon grass Oil and Cedarwood Oil. Our All-Natural Chemical Mosquito Control Formula combines them into a potent and proven shield
  • FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE we know you will absolutely love this product, and we aim to provide the best satisfaction guarantee with our Manufacturer Warranty and USA based customer service team.

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