Kelp Plus Natural Sea Kelp based Liquid Fertilizer - 1 Gallon

At Mosquito Magician we are often asked what additional products we recommend. Here it is, the best we have found.
Kelp Plus is a concentrated liquid fertilizer containing sea kelp in addition to an array of seventeen (17) water-soluble free L-amino acids.

Kelp Plus (1-1-1) is formulated to promote stress tolerance, vigorous roots and plant health. Kelp Plus contains a wide range of amino acids, vitamins and naturally occurring organic substances essential to plant growth, health, and productivity.
Kelp Plus provides a nutritional supplement through the release of naturally occurring plant nutrients and trace minerals, Accelerates and improves seed germination, promotes vigorous rooting and overall plant health.
Amino Acids - 100% of the amino acids are free amino acids so they are quickly available to the plant. Amino acids can complex micronutrients tied up in the soil, making them available for plant uptake.
Vitamins play important roles in plant health and growth, nutrient transport systems in cold temperatures and root regeneration. A, B, B1, B12, C, E, K and PP. Also contains Naturally Occurring Growth Promoters - Gibberellins, Auxins, Cytokinins, Glycol kinetin, Betaines and Carotene.

Application Instructions

Turfgrass: Apply 1.5 to 6 fl. oz. per 1,000 ft2 every 2 weeks throughout the season.

Ornamental Plant Maintenance: Dilute 1 to 100 in water (1 oz./ gal.) and apply as a soil drench for stressed plants or spray diluted solution on foliage to runoff every 30 - 60 days to promote flowering. Apply 6 fl. oz. KaPre KelpPlus per 1000 ft2.

Tree Maintenance: Mix 1 gallon per 400 gallons of water and apply with fertilizer to root zone with injection feeding equipment.

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